Inclusive Smart City

What is a Smart City? How does is it improve the well-being of its inhabitants? We often hear that data is a the heart of a Smart City but how does it work exactly?

You will discover that Smart City revolves around other fascinating topics such as: accesssiblity, mobility, Tech for Good, inclusive city…

Let’s get inspired to build a more accessible and connected city of tomorrow!


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Brisbane: A City for Everyone

Brisbane: A City for Everyone

Currently in Australia, it has been estimated that approximately 357,000 people are either blind or experience some form of vision impairment. This number has been projected to increase to 564,000 by 2030. Taking into consideration these statistics, how can the City of Brisbane improve street navigation of people living with some form of visual limitation?

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5 Must-Have Apps for People with Intellectual Disabilities

5 Must-Have Apps for People with Intellectual Disabilities

5 Must-Have Apps for People with Intellectual DisabilitiesPeople with intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome or fragile X syndrome have an intellectual development that’s inferior to the population average and learning difficulties. This means they have...

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