8 Clichés About Deaf People


Deaf people have long been marginalized. Sign language was even banned for decades. Today, deaf people want to live an ordinary life within society. Who are they? What are their needs and how can they feel welcomed within public places? Let’s toss aside our prejudices and see what we can all do in our own way!

As a bonus, you might discover some small but surprising facts.


1. Deaf people? There are none in my town

That’s what you think, for good reason. Deafness is an invisible disability, like 80% of all other disabilities. According to the WHO, hearing loss afflicts over 5% of the world’s population and one-third of people over 65. It generally occurs due to age or prolonged exposure to noise.

2. The deaf hear nothing

There is actually a small minority among deaf people who cannot hear anything.

A hearing impairment extends from a simple difficulty in understanding a conversation between several people to a complete loss of hearing. Less than 5% of people with a hearing impairment are completely deaf.

Even a person with profound deafness can perceive certain sounds. However, that does not mean that such sounds are of any use to them.

3. Deaf people need sign language to communicate</